A Day In The Life

It has been a wet and hectic week down here in the Arkansas delta.  Between working retail at a local jewelry store during Valentine’s Day,  trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, and plan an upcoming trip to the Ozarks  I have stayed TIRED.  But throughout all the rain and stress I prevailed!

I stayed on top of all of my work, and was even there early everyday!  And not to boast too much, but I have hit a milestone this week.  I woke up at 5:45 every single day and did Pilates before work, and was also able to do yoga every night!!  This was such a major step on my fitness journey.

The stars must have aligned.  In all the rain and mess that happened this week my day off happened to fall on the one day that 70 degrees and sunny.  But that is winter in the south for you.  I went out to our local park, and navigated the new roundabout they installed (to be honest they have always intimidated me.)  I took my first run of 2018.  It was rough, but cathartic.  Listening to music, feeling the breeze on my face, and letting my mind go free was sublime.

Valentine’s Day was this week, and it was very different from the past few with my boyfriend, Justin.  In January he moved to Louisiana to work on a oil pipeline near New Orleans on night shift.  It has been a very big change for us and I certainly did not expect him to remember Valentine’s Day.  Much to my surprise when these BEAUTIFUL flowers rolled into work.  IMG_0527

We will be reunited again for a month in March!!  So….. I’ve been planning us a trip the Jasper/ Ponca area of the Natural State.  I have been scouring the internet for the best hiking trail for us to do, and a cabin for us to stay in.  I finally settled on a best of the Buffalo River hiking adventure!  It will take 8 hours to complete, but we will get to see Hemmed-In Hollow, walk the goat trail, and see historic settlements.  My excitement is through the roof!  Being locked up this winter has has had me feeling wanderlust like none before.  Just one more month before I can spread my wings.

Although this week was wild, it was proof to myself that I can get things done.

Shine On,


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